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    Free 'Everyday Mindfulness' Workshop to Promote Better Mental Health

    Toronto Private Hospital will be hosting a free ‘Everyday Mindfulness’ workshop on March 16 to help Hunter residents understand and experience both the physical and mental benefits of mindfulness.

    The two-hour program has been developed by mental health Occupational Therapist, Cath Bunton who teaches mindfulness to patients living with mental health disorders. “We spend so much time thinking about things that have happened in the past, or things that may happen in the future, that we forget to appreciate or even acknowledge the moments we are currently living. Mindfulness is about training ourselves to pay attention and focus on the present,” said Ms Bunton.

    With origins in Eastern Philosophy, Mindfulness has been practiced for many thousands of years, however it has only been popular in Western societies for the past few decades.

    Toronto Private Hospital CEO, Andrew Mereau, encourages Hunter residents to participate in the workshop. “There is a lot of evidence on the many and varied benefits of mindfulness. It can help reduce stress and anxiety, improves sleep, moods and memory and also has proven physical benefits such as improved immunity, circulation and pain management,” said Mr Mereau.

    Workshop attendees will participate in practical exercises to increase their mindfulness in everyday life. Attendees will also learn how activities such as meditation and yoga and even just by paying more attention during regular daily activities such as driving or taking a walk can increase mindfulness.

    The free workshop will take place onsite at Toronto Private Hospital, on Wednesday 16th March, from 6pm to 8pm. Light refreshments will be served. Seating is limited so book early to avoid disappointment.    
    To reserve your free ticket or for general enquiries, contact Rebecca Brennan on 0459 988 139 or 02 4956 0113 or via email to

    01 FEB 2016