Our Hospital

Toronto Private Hospital is situated on the western side of Lake Macquarie, NSW, on the hill overlooking the township of Toronto. It is centrally located and a 30-minute drive from the major cities of Gosford, Newcastle and Maitland. It is ideally positioned to take advantage of great views of the mountains and the lake.

Toronto Private Hospital offers a combination of 85 medical, palliative, rehabilitation and mental health beds, all furnished with advanced equipment and medical technology.

Toronto Private Hospital has been serving the local and regional community from its current location since 1988 and, before that, from its previous location at Rathmines. The hospital has been owned and operated by Healthe Care Australia Pty Ltd since November 2007. Both private and self-insured patients are welcome at Toronto Private. We are a Tier 1 provider of hospital services to the veteran community, and we also welcome patients who travel from the country or overseas to have their treatment at our hospital.

The hospital is fully accredited by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards. Healthe Care is extremely proud of its commitment to improvement in all areas, including the provision of high-quality patient care, continued professional development of staff, and our excellent relationships with doctors.